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We provide the following services of estate planning.

Succession Planning for a Business


Do you own a business? Then protect it for the future. At the very least, complete your estate planning for the business. These documents specify how you want your assets to be transferred and to whom after you die.

The will identify the executor to take charge of the company assets as well as managing those assets in accordance with your instructions.

Succession Planning for a Business


The trusts allow you to control your assets after your death, the assets in the trust bypass the probate process as well protecting assets from creditors. The most powerful of Trust is the Irrevocable Trust.

If the business may have other owners or director with significant interests in the business therefore a buy or sell agreement for exit strategy a written agreement is a must. This contract establishes an agreed plan for the business future.

Finally a document of “Wishes” outlaying your wishes for the business future as well as personal.

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